The Best Restaurants In Indian Metropolis

The vast expanse of this country offers different taste palate for discerning travelers with fine choice of gourmet platter. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, no need to worry as the best restaurants in Indian metropolis are well equipped to serve you fresh produce from fertile deltas. In case you love to feast on meat and related gourmet, you are going to be overwhelmed in this paradise.

Usage of spice, butter and daily products are rampant along with emphasis on ‘Ghar ka Khana’. That said, different parts of the country will cater different food for you.

We have listed the best restaurants in Indian metropolis where you must head for at least one dine out with your loved ones. The list contains both fine dine and pocket friendly options. Read on to treat your taste buds.

Best Restaurants In Indian Metropolis


The capital city will astound you with parathas from Old Delhi and quintessentially superior Butter Chicken gravy. Do not forget to treat yourself with Kadi Chawal, Rajma Chawal and different varieties of dal. A quick getaway from the city essentially consists of stop over at the Dhabas which cooks delicious food and are extremely pocket friendly. For a romantic night out with spoonful of Biryani, head out to nowhere else but the Dum Pukht restaurant by ITC Maurya.


A city of sweetmeat and fish, Kolkata will astound you with an array of cheap vegan friendly street food, starting from INR 10. Try Phuchka, Singara and Chop (fritters made with vegetables) that gel well with rainy evenings. The Tyangra area of Kolkata retains few of the old Chinese settlement and finest Chinese restaurant. Try Big Boss since they stay authentic to their homegrown recipes. For a detailed Bengali meal, head to 6 Ballygunge Place or Bohemian. These restaurants experiment a lot with contemporary Bengali cuisine with prowess.


Coming to the southern peninsula, Indian answer to Silicon Valley, Bangalore will welcome you with a cup of filter coffee. The city houses few of the finest breweries, including Toit. Visit Toit to resonate with the pulse of the city. Olive beach, situated in the heart of city, will serve you a great meal of Mediterranean cuisine. Bangalore cafes are great place for socializing. Few of the handpicked suggestions would be Ants cafe, Smalleys, Pecos. A breakfast in the city need you to come down to Koshys without a question.


The city of Nizams has had a history of delivering the finest biryani from South India. Head to Paradise for the authentic taste. For Mediterranean (read Iranian or Lebanese food), head for Kibbeh or  Spice 6. Hyderabad excels in street food in the country during Eid celebration as the Charminar Chowk gets dotted with pretty stalls by street vendors selling Haleem and Biryani.


Steamed Idli by marine beach could be romantic beyond imagination. Chennai taught that first. Annalaxmi is one beautiful restaurant that serves vegetarian temple inspired meal. For Seafood, head for The Marina by the beach which also excels in sustainable business practice.


The Vada Paos by the sea has been featured in Bollywood movies endless number of times. Add to that, the financial capital houses the best gastronomic experiences in this part of the country. For a detailed malvani cuisine, head to Diva Maharashtracha and order the Thali.

What are your best restaurants in Indian metropolis? Let us know in the comment section below.

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