A Complete Guide To Food In Russia

The huge expanse of the country that Russia is, that covers area from Far East to the middle of Europe, has been witnessing varied culture from time immemorial.

As different culture thrived in the huge landmass, along with it let furnish varied lifestyle. To understand the different of the same one need to delve deeper in the Russian cuisine and related variety.

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The northern part of the country varies widely with that of the same from southern part. Excruciating weather condition and difference of available resources has been instrumental in the process. Let us discuss about some of the best gourmet food in Russia and trace down the best restaurant that may treat you with the same.


The trying winter of Moscow sometimes take a deep to -40 C. To combat the cold, Russians prefer to start their meal with a hearty meal of beetroot and cabbage, topped with a dollop of smetana (Russian sour cream).

In case you are served a bowl of warm Borscht with garlic bread, smeared with melted cheese, you are likely to be filled for the day. It is an extremely hearty dish.

Feel free to experiment with meat, dill, potato, different types of herbs to mix in the broth that are served as accompaniment. The other variety of the meal, served with seasoned fish and vegetable is also known as Ukha.

In Moscow, you may want to visit the restaurant White Rabbit that has been delighting gourmet enthusiasts with the best of Borscht for long.

Russian Pancakes or Bini

In case you were thinking of dessert food in Russia, pancakes are primarily served in French household, think again. Russian pancakes are also known as Bini. They are even more exotic in the make and served with not only sweet but also savory feel.

The thin Crepes are staple in northern Russia and served with accompaniments are smoked salmon, creamy mushrooms, sour cream, condensed milk and jam.

However, the buckwheat or white flour made pancakes are most relished when served with red salmon or sturgeon caviar, the most expensive food ingredient of the world.

In case you like cottage cheese, you may also want to try the Russian pancake names syrniki, often served during breakfast. The healthy dish is served teamed up with accompaniments like milk, honey or sour cream.

In Moscow, head to Mari Vanna for a hearty meal that serves the best of Bini.

Smoked Salmon & Fish Dishes

Home to few of the largest rivers of the world, and situated by the humongous oceans, the country surely feasts majorly on fish. They may be fresh or salted, sourced either from freshwater (river fish) or from the depth of the sea.

The delicate and fresh flavor of smoked salmon, served with pancakes or a portion of salted Herring in salad (Shuba, the local name, which means herring under a fur coat) are the dishes that bring joy to the locals.

You may also want to feast on sterlet, commonly referred to as the Tsar fish.

We suggest a visit to restaurant Marea at downtown Moscow to taste the best of sea food in Russia.

Shashlik or Shashlyik

A close cousin to Sheesh Kebab, Shashlik  or Shashlyik is the Russian version with bigger chunks of lamb or beef meat. Often chicken and salmon replace the traditional meatier version.

With this food in Russia, you will be served with a hearty portion of spicy tomato sauce, unleavened bread, and pickles.

Moscow’s Izmailovsky flea market is the place where you need to go to taste the best of Shashlik.

These are just some of the specimen of the wide variety of the cuisine that is available in the country. Surely, the food in Russia varies from region to region as ingredients are sourced in abundance.

However, to understand and taste the best of the gourmet collection from this huge country, you must try to live and eat like the local practice. The gastronomy of the land carries heavy baggage of exotic history and cultural traits that enthralls a curious traveler endlessly.

In case you have been to Russia and took liking of something specific, feel free to add your recommendation in the comments section below.

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