South East Asian Cuisine – Foods You Cannot Miss In Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

As much as South East Asia entices you with the picturesque lush valley nestled between the hills and the quintessential azure most beaches of this part of the world, South East Asian cuisine falls no short of expectation to encourage your taste buds!

Much has been talked about South East Asian cuisine, the rats, the dogs, the worms and everything. But there is so much more when it comes to experiencing South East Asian cuisine, especially the food of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam!

Food, invariably, is a part of the massive cultural presence that has developed in the region over past centuries, marrying every aspect of life ranging from social, political, available resources, religion, traditional and colonial era. Every morsel tells its own story.

We will discuss the prime destinations of the region, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam and the array of great food they offer for the rest of the world. Because it is only just if we highlight the best of the cuisine with which the rest of the world may relate to.

The Best Of South East Asian Cuisine


south east asian cuisine - thai chicken basil

The Thai Curry

The more I say about the Thai Curries, the lesser it is. The fantastic blend of spices that infuses a living charm in the coconut cream along with the aroma of meat or shrimps is a delectable affair. The traditional Thai curries are an exquisite royal affair.

China Town

To reminisce about the good old days of Chinese trade, be sure to visit the famed China Town of Bangkok. The place serves the best of glass noodles of the country and preserves a rustic way of living. It is a unique experience to fight for a place, secure the same and relish the fresh food. If you are late, a fair threat runs that the place will run out of food. Do try the fish cakes as well!

Street Food

In Thailand, the best of food is ferry-ed across the street, freshly cooked with homemade spices and tastes excellent. The squids, mushrooms, chicken everything is grilled and served with the tangy red sauce. Do feast on the satay and grilled eggs. They are delicacy unheard of! Also do not leave Bangkok until you have tried the great coconut ice-cream.


south east asian cuisine - amok

Amok – Popular Khmer Dish

Steamed fish always taste good; it even gets better when the goodness of coconut milk gets into it! Khmer cuisine finds one of its highlight when the good old traditional dish is served in front of the amused foodie. It is made of river fish, primarily. Do visit the restaurant at Tresor d’Angkor Suite for the best of Amok in Siem Reap.


Amok is great but do taste the vegetarian delight Prahok. The dish is made of fresh green vegetables and steamed rice, and further deep fried.

Apart from these, you must not forget to feast on dried fish and pork sausages for sale at Phsar Chas in the town of Siem Reap. Be sure to get back home with the Kroeung. It is a speciality of Cambodia, a herb and spice paste. When freshly grounded, they are red in colour. For those of you preferring a vegan meal, feast on Mee Kola, a vegetarian noodle dish.


south east asian cuisine - pho


The French had taught the Nam land to slow cook Beef for the longest period and create a broth as flavourful as Pho. With that, add the local herbs and condiments. Voila! You get one of the hearty breakfasts, much adored across globe.

Spring Rolls

The rice paper wrapped Spring rolls of Vietnam can take you for a joy ride as every bite in it shall result in a shrimp or a sliced pork morsel. Needless to say the herbs from courtyard shall compliment the flavour with freshness.


The Vietnamese coffee is a thing of delight. Condensed with egg yolk, the coffee of the country is the quintessential conversation starter.

In case you have been to these countries and have loved the South East Asian cuisine as much as I do, feel free to share your expectation below. I would love to know in case I missed out on something!

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